Raison D'être, the importance of human spaceflight:

The Axiom Space vision is to build the world’s first commercial space station, stimulating a robust economy in low Earth orbit and ensuring humanity's sustained reach beyond. We have experienced the sustained cooperation of nations that live and operate together in space and the positive affect it has here on Earth. We believe that exploration beyond our planet should be done by the community of nations that make up our planet, not only as individual countries. A large, diverse group of space faring nations insures the broadest participation and representation of Earth’s population and benefits the well being and survival of our civilization.

To this end, Axiom utilizes its unique human spaceflight engineering, training, operations and program management expertise to help governments and agencies build human spaceflight programs in-country. These programs inspire youth to pursue STEM education, promotes the growth of high tech industries, stimulates the economy and is a source of national pride and international respect.

In-country human spaceflight programs increase the pursuit of STEM degrees and build a more competitive national technical workforce


Having managed the world’s largest astronaut training/certification program, Axiom Space team provides guidance in the development of in-country human spaceflight programs. This includes astronaut candidate selection, training and certification. It extends to the growth of the national astronaut program to allow for the country’s involvement in continually more complex and diverse in-space operations. Ultimately, development of a robust program may include the addition of a country-specific module to Axiom Station, supporting that country’s independent operations in space.

As the United States, Russia, China, and several other nations have discovered, the impact of human spaceflight on national prestige, technological development, and STEM education is significant.

To cite one recent example, the UK Space Agency reports that during the recent mission of British astronaut Tim Peake, more than 1 million students – 10% of all students in the country – participated in live events with ISS while he was onboard. The involvement was so successful in supporting technical education, in fact, that the UK now plans to launch several more astronauts into space over the next decade.

At Axiom Space, we ensure that missions will have lasting and beneficial impact by providing modern mission standards that incorporate well-planned strategies for public engagement and education and allow future astronauts to inspire the next generation of world-leading engineers, scientists, and entrepreneurs.

In Baikonur, Kazakhstan, Expedition 36/37 crew conducted the traditional raising of flags on May 18, 2013 as they prepare for launch

Credit: NASA

Additional Key Features of the Axiom Human Spaceflight Program:

  • Mission development
  • Launch partner selection and coordination
  • Microgravity experiment design and development
    • Biology & biotechnology
    • Earth & space science
    • Human research
    • Physical sciences
    • Material science
    • Explorations systems demonstrations
  • STEM education and outreach program
  • Creation of national education initiatives including online platforms, interactive museums
  • Strategic outreach to engage other government agencies

Neutral Buoyancy Lab training for extravehicular activity

Credit: NASA

The Axiom difference

Directly Relevant Experience

Axiom Space has deep and long-standing expertise in human spaceflight.

Commitment to Safety

No one knows the environment and how to ensure reliability and safety in this environment better than the Axiom team, including Michael Suffredini, the former NASA ISS Program Manager.

Agility and Flexibility

Axiom Space is a private, for-profit company.

Strong Commercial and Government Relationships

Our team has worked closely with space agencies around the world for over two decades.