The concept of Environmental Stewardship can be traced back to writings of the early 1900s. The term represents the responsible use of natural resources, taking into account the interests of society, future generations, and other species, as well as private needs.

At Axiom Space, we believe that our unique position offers not only a remarkable opportunity, but also a great responsibility with respect to the environmental stewardship of the Earth. As the gateway to the expansion of commercial and private participation in low Earth orbit, we believe that this perspective of our planet, as a beautiful and miraculous, yet delicate entity is invaluable.

We are therefore committed through both our own works and our collaborative efforts with other organizations, to communicating this vision to the public, while pursuing the most sustainable solutions and strategies for our operations. This also means ensuring that as we move beyond our terrestrial domain, our understanding of environmental stewardship will continue to expand to incorporate not only planet Earth, but also low Earth orbit, and the full expanse of the universe that lies before us.